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Macarthur Pony Club


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Contact Us
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February Rally 2012

 For further information on the club or to come and try for a day

Please feel free to contact any of the committee members

Michelle Gapes Club President gmgapes@westvic.com.au

Marita Petersen Club Vice President chubby@westvic.com.au Mb: 0417 089 056

Sarah Dyson Club Secretary/Event Secretary macarthurpc@hotmail.com Mb: 0439 815 333

Tania Russell Club Treasurer Mb: 0428 518543

Rod Keast Club District Commissioner rodkeast@gmail.com Hm: 03 5569 2277 Mb: 0427 010 407

Meaghan Johnson Club Rally Organiser Senior/Chief Instructor Mb: 0408 995142